Stylistically different, conceptually similar
The story of Bagués and Masriera is that of two brands created separately but that now work side-by-side.
Two historical Catalan jewellery firms with a long tradition of prestige, creativity and rigour. We are synonymous for culture, art, history and, at the same time, uniqueness, innovation and the avant-garde.
The history of both firms has been marked by the pursuit of the perfect balance between classical and contemporary styles, between tradition and modern ideas. We are firmly convinced that jewellery must be a language of artistic and plastic expression with clear cultural reference points, considering the pieces of jewellery to be a work of art as such. The name Masriera is not only a synonym for artistic jewellery, but also much more : Catalan modernist jewellery, a world focussed on the symbolic trends of Art Nouveau. The name Masriera is completely inseparable from the artistic and cultural life in Barcelona from the last decades of the 19th century until the first decades of the 20th century. Masriera’s jewels are focussed on floral, serpentine elements and feminine sensuality, but his true iconographic revolution came from his magical fusion between woman and nature, spawning the popular fairies, nymphs, naiads and insect-women. What makes Bagués stand out is its jewellery collections inspired by the Mediterranean with strong links to Barcelona : the city, its art, its music, its nature, its people. Bagués’ collections are based on the clear desire to create artistic jewellery, approaching the same levels as what is considered to be the highest quality jewellery. This jewellery combines design, cutting edge technology and the use of traditional techniques.
Jewellery with a story
Every piece that comes out of workshops is intended to be an artistic expression stemming from the essence of our culture.
A culture with the Mediterranean as its backdrop. We seek perfection in everything we do and create our pieces, always under the rubric of their contemporary style. A philosophy borne out of our workshops, passed down from generation to generation that has continued up until today.
Abans d’iniciar els primers traços, l’equip creatiu es capbussa de ple en la temàtica escollida com a fil conductor de la nova col·lecció. Cal impregnar-se al màxim, qualsevol element pot ser font d’inspiració, qualsevol detall pot escriure l’inici de la propera joia. Vivim intensament la polièdrica composició temàtica de cada univers concret per extreure’n una preciosa joia com a síntesi.
Bagués-Masriera works patiently on researching the character for the pieces, shying away from eclecticism. We create products that capture and build connections with the moment, using their own language; this is what makes them so eternal. One way of perceiving the jewellery is to view is as a work of art in itself, apart from its functionality and utility. All the material used for our creations has a predetermined and unique function. From their conceptualisation until they pass through the workshop, all the materials and stones are chosen based on their function and what they can contribute to the final piece.
Savoir-faire technique.
The art of a Bagués-Masriera piece also lies in its craftsmanship.
In the creative process of each piece, we continue to use the techniques that made us an international benchmark: pique-à-jour, basse-taille, champlevé, vitreous enamelling or painting on enamel, without forgetting the technique developed by Lluís Masriera, Barcelona enamelling. These processes need the experience and precision of expert craftsmen and women, as well as high quality materials and production processes.
The enamels provide the jewels with a unique translucent effect, fluctuating depending on the level of heat applied to them. Applying the enamels is a very delicate task requiring a great deal of experience and precision that only artisans with expert knowledge in enamelling are able to achieve with the perfection that is so characteristic of their work. Nowadays there is absolutely no doubt that Bagués-Masriera’s enamel workshop is one of a kind and an international benchmark for lovers of jewels in their purest essence, artesian jewellery.
El taller de Bagués-Masriera de Barcelona és un dels pocs que existeixen al món que continua dominant la tècnica de l'esmalt translúcid i l'esmalt al foc de forma artesanal, no en va, porta aplicant ambdues tècniques des de fa més de 100 anys de manera ininterrompuda. Un taller on es continua treballant de forma artesanal i minuciosa, conservant el gran cromatisme, lluminositat i transparència de l’esmalt del segle XIX i principis del XX en cada una de les peces. Un taller on es duu a terme una permanent tasca d’investigació, per tal d’assolir un major perfeccionament de les diverses tècniques i processos d’esmalt al foc.
Quality as an obsession
At Bagués-Masriera we offer our customers the guarantee that they are acquiring a completely unique piece of incomparable quality.
Creations arising from the philosophy of pursuing perfection. We offer artistic jewellery both in content and in form, and it has always been our commitment to our customers to offer them this, ever since we opened. The secret for achieving this goal is hidden in the word “quality”.
Bagues - Masriera ha buscat sempre artesans altament qualificats per al seu taller, l'objectiu no és només transmetre la tradició de la joieria i el domini de les tècniques i savoir-faire, sinotambé exaltar la brillantor i qualitat de les matèries primeres. Només es seleccionen els materials i gemmes que responen a l’elevada exigència dels nostres tallers, tant per la seva bellesa cromàtica com per la seva riquesa decorativa.
Cada peça es sotmet a meticulosos controls de qualitat, analitzant-la minuciosament des del primer original fins al darrer acabat, per tal de dotar-la de bellesa i qualitat pròpia d’una peça de Bagues-Masriera.